Club Events 2019

The club hosts fourĀ  flying events each year. From past experience our unpredictable weather has always provided Mr.Gibson with a challenge when trying to decide whether to run an event. This coming year is unlikely to be any different so backup dates will generally be on the following week-ends if needed. The usual go/no go decision will be posted here on the Saturday evening before each event.


Scale Day – 5th May See report page
This year we plan to have an event open to other clubs in the area. It’s currently planned for the 5th of May and will include the normal free barbecue. In the past there has always been a truly wonderful turnout of superb scale models ranging from the ultra modern to WW1 biplanes.
This will be the first open event that the club has run for a number of years and taking a lesson from our past experience we will need volunteers to act as marshals during the day. We have arranged with our landlord that the gate can be left open between 09:30 and 18:00 which will make things a lot easier for everyone.







Summer Solstice- 23rd June

Club event. Come and fly anything that will and is legal. Druid outfits are optional.

Barby at about 13:00



Electric Flight Day – 4th August

Club event. Intended to put the emphasis on electric models but IC is OK as well.

Barby at about 13:00








Carrier Landing/Pomme – 1st September

Follows the tried and tested format that everyone enjoyed in 2018.

Barby at about 13:00